The Stimson Center’s Loomis Council is a forum for America’s technology leaders and policymakers to share expertise, build innovative solutions to 21st century problems, and consider the future of U.S. technology policy. 


The Stimson Center is an essential voice on transnational policy challenges, tackling global issues facing both policymakers and technology leaders. Like no other time in history, private companies are empowering billions around the world without regard to borders, bringing both positive change and presenting new challenges that conventional approaches to international policy are ill-suited to meet. The Loomis Innovation Council is the premier venue to address these international technology policy challenges, uniting Stimson’s long experience and international perspective with the technology sector’s unique ability to operationalize solutions.




Featured Challenges

Loomis Council Membership

Individual members of the Council have access to an impressive network of tech and policy experts as well as the opportunity to apply their specialized expertise to real-world policy challenges and participate in valuable conversations about the tech/policy nexus. Members participate in twice annual pitch meetings in which Stimson experts present policy problems with potential for tech interventions, engage in virtual brainstorming sessions on specific policy problems and topics, and facilitate introductions to others in their fields who may have insight into the issues Stimson’s programs are tackling. 

Support the Loomis Council

Corporate sponsors benefit from access to the Loomis network, tailored briefings or presentations by Stimson staff, and exclusive readouts of Loomis Council projects. Recognition for contributions will be included in all literature, including on Stimson’s website and annual report. The Council will host periodic public events, at which corporate members will be acknowledged.


For details on membership and sponsorship, contact Sarah Savoy, Stimson’s Director of Development.

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Council Members

France Hoang, Co-Chair
France Hoang is a veteran entrepreneur who has been on the founding teams of companies that have generated over $600 million of combined sales and employed over 1,200 professionals across the fields of law, aerospace, defense, government services, and technology. France previously served as a law clerk to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and an Associate White House Counsel and Special Assistant to the President from 2007 to 2009.

Chris Frangione, Co-Chair
Christopher Frangione is an advisor who helps organizations leverage open innovation, exponential technologies, and the crowd. He is an expert on exponential technologies, the incentivized prize model, and harnessing the crowd, and has testified on crowd-sourced innovation in front of both the House and the Senate in the U.S. Congress.

Christine Harada, Founding Member
Christine Harada is President of i(x) investments, a permanently capitalized holding company that invests in the critical areas of human need (renewable energy, green real estate development, affordable housing, gender equality, technology and information, waste reduction and food and agriculture) in a multi-strategy investment approach throughout the entire capital structure.

Landon Loomis, Founding Member
Landon Loomis is a Foreign Service Officer currently serving as Special Advisor to the Vice President for Western Hemisphere Affairs and Global Economics. Prior to the White House, Landon served as Commercial Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia where he led the Defense and Aviation Team and managed a broad range of Commercial and Security-related policy engagements.

Amy Kruse, Founding Member
Dr. Amy Kruse is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Platypus Institute, an applied neuroscience research organization that translates cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries into practical tools and programs which enhance the human experience. Before joining the Platypus Institute, Dr. Kruse served as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cubic Global Defense, where she oversaw the company’s research and development (R&D) programs.

Sean Watson, Founding Member
Sean Watson is a social entrepreneur, innovation strategist and political consultant who has spent the past decade working with and advising corporations, foundations, nonprofits, and startups, to drive meaningful innovation and progressive change. As Managing Director of the Innovation Partnership Program - a joint venture of Singularity University and XPRIZE in alliance with Deloitte - Sean leads a membership ecosystem of leading global companies from nearly every industry, convening and empowering senior leaders to adapt to our accelerating world, adopt new technologies and business models, and tap into emerging innovations around the globe.

Steven Witt, Founding Member
Steven Witt is the CEO of, a DC-based machine learning company. Prior to Anno, Steven co-founded DataTribe, a seed stage venture capital firm. He previously led Onyara, an IoT software company from funding through acquisition. Steven has completed public service tours in the US Foreign Service and the US Intelligence Community.

Andrew Larsen
Andrew has been involved with software development since 1972. He has worked at Bell Labs, ran development at, was the Kernel Architect at Oracle, and has started numerous software companies. His experience and interests include extremely scalable systems, database systems, machine learning, block chain, software development automation and user experience.

Noel Bakhtian
Dr. Noel Bakhtian is the Director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, a research, education, and innovation consortium bringing together the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory and the four public research universities in Idaho and Wyoming. Previously, she served in Washington D.C. as Senior Policy Advisor at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP).

Alexis Bonnell
Alexis Bonnell is the Chief Innovation Officer of USAID. Alexis has delivered humanitarian and development programming in over 25 countries, in almost every sector from education to stabilization. Her more than 20 years of experience in management, communications, and innovation have provided her incredible opportunities to work on/with: Wall Street, “Dot.coms”, Middle East Peace Plan, Afghan and Iraq Elections, global emergency response coordination and major logistics operations, and over 20 major innovation programs.

Yvette Bourcicot
Yvette Bourcicot is a Policy Communications Manager at Facebook, Inc., focusing on issues like civil rights, privacy, and election activities. Previously, she served in several positions at the Department of Defense, including as an Associate Deputy General Counsel in the Office of Legal Counsel and as the Senior Advisor for International Humanitarian Policy in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Stability and Humanitarian Affairs.

Callie Chamberlain
Callie Chamberlain is a connector, strategist, and activator with experience building organizations and developing large scale efforts to create meaningful change, as driven by the people they serve. She is currently building corporate social responsibility at Optum, a subsidiary of United Health Group, with a focus on inclusive access to care, whole person health, and structural equity.

Steve Dauphin
Steve, a founding partner of Bonaventure Capital, has over 20 years of venture capital experience working in underserved capital markets domestically and abroad. Today, he is focused on making venture and growth stage investments with an emphasis on smarter infrastructure, cleaner energy and solutions for rural communities.

Fabien Laurier
Fabien Laurier is the Vice President for National Geographic Labs. In this role Fabien leads technology and innovation strategy and development across National Geographic’s Impact-Initiative. Fabien spent most of his career designing and leading programs that seek to harness the power of disruptive technologies and fuel the development of solutions to the most pressing environmental issues.

Melanie Nakagawa
Melanie Nakagawa is Head of Climate Initiative with Princeville Global, an investment firm backing rapidly-growing technology-enabled companies around the world. She leads their effort to invest in global companies delivering transformative solutions to climate change with strong investor returns. Before Princeville Global, Ms. Nakagawa served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Transformation at the U.S. State Department leading efforts to support countries implementing clean energy commitments and adopt low carbon technologies.

Shawn Olds
Shawn is the Chief Executive Officer of boodleAI, the leading machine learning peer-to-peer platform that empowers nonprofits to connect with and engage new donors and supporters.

Saman Salih
Saman is currently Managing Director at FiscalNote, an Issues Management technology platform helping organizations manage the issues that impact the environment they operate in. He has a diverse background spanning the policy, legal, and technology industries and has a vibrant passion for solving some of the world’s most under-served issues with the power of technology and food.

Sonny Hashmi
Sonny Hashmi has worked at the intersection of technology, public service and public policy for over 18 years. Sonny currently leads the global public sector practice at box, working to build modern, cloud-based products and services to help government agencies modernize citizen and employee experiences. Prior to joining box, Sonny spent almost ten years in public service as a senior executive in the federal government, and as the CIO for the city of Washington, DC. Sonny has also worked in the non-profit sector, as well as the founder of a healthcare startup. He is actively engaged in both the policy and public services communities, is part of the Partnership for Public Service SAGE community, as well as an advisor to several technology companies.