You’re invited to the book launch of “Winning and Losing the Nuclear Peace: The Rise, Demise, and Revival of Arms Control,” by Stimson Co-founder Michael Krepon.

The geometry of nuclear competition has never been more complex. China’s nuclear force structure is growing rapidly. Russia and the United States have sloughed off treaties to facilitate freedom of action. Traditional arms control seems to be at an impasse. Some want nuclear prohibition; others demand ambitious agreements of far broader scope. The U.S. domestic consensus on treaty-making is broken. Arms control was the most significant unacknowledged diplomatic achievement of the Cold War, but it is now out of favor even as nuclear dangers rise. How did something so successful become so dispensable? Revival requires adaptation and ingenuity. Krepon details next steps and where we can go from here.

After seven years under Shinzo Abe and one under Yoshihide Suga, Abe’s former Cabinet Secretary, Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party has elected a new leader. As the new prime minister, Fumio Kishida faces an international environment with major challenges, from the pandemic to climate change to a tense U.S.-China relationship. Join us for a Stimson-CIGS webinar to discuss how Japan’s new prime minister will craft Japan’s next foreign policy direction.

An extended interview with the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency as he tackles the threat of nuclear proliferation in the middle of a global pandemic.

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) represents a landmark agreement that aims to advance transparency and responsibility in the global arms trade. Now in its sixth year of implementation, the treaty has established several mechanisms for strengthening transparency. But are States Parties to the ATT living up to their transparency commitments?

Join the Stimson Center and the ATT Monitor for a discussion about the current status of transparency within the context of the ATT and efforts to improve public understanding and awareness of the conventional arms trade. The event will feature insights from the 2021 ATT Monitor Annual Report and will launch a new Stimson analysis reflecting on countries’ latest annual reports on their 2020 arms exports and imports.

South Asian Voices Visiting Fellows Kashif Hussain, Kashoon Leeza, Jyotsna Mehra, and Muhsin Puthan Purayil present their research findings, analysis, and policy recommendations on issues including the crisis potential of climate change, U.S.-Pakistan technology collaborations, Quadrilateral Security Dialogue deliverables, and diaspora politics in Indian public diplomacy.

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