Please join us for a discussion with representatives from Congress, the U.S. Government, Ambassadors, and scientific experts on combatting wildlife crime.

Wildlife crime is transnational, organized, and often fueled by corruption. It devastates the security of communities, while destroying ecosystems and wildlife. In addition, evidence that COVID-19 jumped from a zoonotic-host has led to renewed calls to further regulate the wildlife trade.

In response to the devastating impact of wildlife crime to the securities of communities, ecosystems and wildlife, the the Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime was created to encourage States to fill gaps in international law by progressing two related reforms: to create a new global agreement through the adoption of a fourth Protocol on wildlife crime under the UN Convention Against Transnational Organised Crime, and to amend CITES to incorporate public and animal health criteria into its decision making.

South Asian Voices Visiting Fellows Asma Khalid, Chirayu Thakkar, Fizza Batool, and Saurav Sarkar present their research and policy recommendations on some of the subcontinent’s most pertinent strategic issues. These presentations are the result of a year-long fellowship with the Stimson Center South Asia Program. Fellows will examine the changing deterrence landscape in South Asia, U.S.-India cooperation in multilateral institutions, the role of Pakistani political parties in the Afghanistan peace process, and the potential impact of the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) on intra-Afghan negotiations.

This event – hosted by the Missions of Norway and the United Arab Emirates to the UN and Powering Peace (a partnership between the Stimson Center and Energy Peace Partners) – will present the latest evidence from the field on ways to reduce peacekeeping missions’ reliance on high-cost diesel in favor of cleaner more effective sustainable energy infrastructure options that benefit UN missions, support host communities, and meet the UN Secretariat’s climate goals.

Media Attendance

Members of the press are welcome to attend Stimson Center events.  In the uncommon case where space for press is limited, we may credential those attending. Please RSVP to ensure you have a spot.

Press Questions: Caitlin Goodman
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