Stimson's Secure Oceans Report cited in the Diplomat on Vietnam's Diplomacy in the South China Sea

June 30, 2016 | The Diplomat

The sea breeze found us on a fast boat bound for Ly Son Island, located about 15 nautical miles off Vietnam’s Central Coast. For centuries, the island has served as a base for their fishermen to venture into the dangerous Paracels Archipelago.


Furthermore, nearly one billion people rely on the world’s oceans as their primary source of animal protein. What we are witnessing is a systematic depletion of fish stocks. According to Johan Bergenas, a senior associate at the Stimson Center, in his recent ocean study, “Secure Oceans: Collaborative Policy and Technology Recommendations for the World’s Largest Crime Scene,” recent estimates indicate that local and commercial populations have been cut in half since 1970, and countries like China worry that a shortage of available fish could trigger instability among its growing population.

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