Stimson Center hosts Plenary Session and Working Group at the 2019 Doha Forum

December 13, 2019

Plenary Session “The United Nations at 75: A Time for Renewal and Innovation”

At a time of growing mass violence in fragile states, the threat of runaway climate change, fears of backsliding on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and declining confidence in multilateral institutions, the world - and especially the United Nations - cannot afford to stand still. Regrettably, the violent conflicts and environmental crises have only grown more acute with each passing year. The global economy remains vulnerable to another financial crisis. The international institutions built since 1945 to help nations manage and resolve their problems peacefully - and together - are being weakened to a degree not seen since their founding.

On the 15th of December the Stimson Center partners with the Doha Forum to organize the Plenary Session “The United Nations at 75: A Time for Renewal and Innovation”. This special, high-level plenary session discussion will explore novel approaches to improve the architecture of global governance - to halt runaway climate change, promote international peace and security, improve conditions for Sustainable Development Goals implementation, better manage migration and protect refugees, and safeguard basic human rights - in the one-year-to-go run-up to the [email protected] Summit.

Working Group on Global Governance Innovation and Renewal

On the 15th of December, the Stimson Center will convene a Working Group on Global Governance Innovation and Renewal at the Doha Forum. Bringing together leading intellectuals and former statesman with mid-career scholars and policy entrepreneurs, the Working Group could aspire to think through some of today’s thorniest global governance problem-sets, how they intersect and speak to the need for systemic change. It will also offer – in the form, of succinct, widely consulted, and visually attractive global governance innovation briefs – targeted proposals for strengthening and renewing governance across borders. Some questions that could drive the discussion are “What are the most pressing gaps in global governance that merit urgent political attention?” and “Building on the new Doha Forum Report’s call for a UN Conference on Multipolar Governance and Global Institutions in 2023, how could a “post-2020” intergovernmental process be designed to address unfinished business from the September 2020 UN 75 Leaders Summit in New York?”