Radiological Trade Controls State Level Database

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Richard Cupitt

Stimson created two databases (State and Measure Level Databases) of United Nations Member States’ laws and regulations and evaluated them against key elements of the IAEA’s Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources to empower everyone with a better understanding of what States have done to address this challenge.

To better understand what the Stimson Center’s State Level Database shows, please reference this Codebook. This Codebook outlines the 29 variables used to develop the database, what they mean, and any coding rules related to each variable. Additionally, this document includes information on the Stimson Center’s coding strategy and search strategy to find and analyzed the laws and regulations contained in the database. Should you have questions about the Codebook or the database, please contact Dr. Richard T. Cupitt, Director of the Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program: [email protected]