Solutions start with you.

Make a planned gift to the Stimson Center today and take an active role in addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date. It enhances your philanthropic objectives and enables you to address other financial and estate planning issues while making a gift. Planned gifts include lead trusts, bequests, life insurance, and retirement plans. Each gift option offers various benefits, which can include:

  • You can make a significant contribution without giving up your assets and retain control and use of those assets during your lifetime.
  • A bequest costs you nothing immediately, and you may modify that bequest at any time at your discretion.
  • Gifts to the Stimson Center from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes.
  • You can leave a larger charitable gift than you may be able to give currently and an enduring legacy to benefit a cause that you care about.

Why choose the Stimson Center for your planned gift?

Protect the rights and security of those in crisis.

As the world becomes ever more globalized and connected, humanitarian crises grow to be transnational priorities. Your contribution will help us design effective solutions.

Be a part of the global movement to combat climate change and ensure environmental security for all.

Environmental challenges have become some of the most preeminent concerns of our time and will continue to be so in the future. Make a planned contribution today so that future generations can enjoy their right to a healthy life and a safe, stable environment.

Ensure peace and protection against threats of illegal conventional weapons, WMDs and nuclear proliferation.

For nearly 30 years, Stimson has been a leading voice in advising leaders and policymakers in the US and abroad about developing comprehensive solutions to these challenges. Help us continue to produce quality research and implement practical solutions that will protect against these threats for years to come.

Ways to Give

Below you will find a listing of many possible ways you can support the Stimson Center through a planned gift. We recommend that you speak with your financial advisors about which options are right for you.



Bequests are gifts from your estate in the form of cash or other property. They’re an easily modifiable, convenient way to make a planned gift at no immediate cost to you. To make a bequest, simply include language in your will or living trust, or designate the Stimson Center as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy.

Click here to download sample language to include in your will or other estate plans.

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are the most common type of gift given.

To make an online cash gift, please visit our Donate page, or make checks payable to the Stimson Center and mail to:

The Stimson Center
1211 Connecticut Ave. NW, 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20036


Create a lasting and meaningful legacy for you or a loved one by establish an endowment through Stimson during your lifetime and ensure that the programs and issues you most care about continue for years to come.

Click here for more information about endowment giving at the Stimson Center.

Life Insurance

If you hold a life insurance policy you can make a gift by naming the Stimson Center as a beneficiary. You can make a donation to be paid-in-full through a one-time gift or through ongoing payments.

Retirement Plans

You have the option to name the Stimson Center as a beneficiary of your retirement plans. Doing so is a tax-efficient and meaningful way to support the Center’s work for years to come. Charity beneficiaries, versus individuals, are not taxed on your plan; therefore, Stimson can appreciate the full value of your generous contribution.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a transfer to a trust, either during your lifetime or through your will. You can create a trust so that income is annually provided, through either cash or investments, to the Stimson Center for the number of years you desire. Charitable remainder trusts are another tax-efficient way to make a planned gift and leave a meaningful legacy in your name.


If you are interested in making a planned gift, or if you have questions about other ways to give, please contact our Development staff at [email protected].

Download Stimson’s planned giving brochure here.

Download Stimson’s sample bequest language here.

If you’ve made a planned gift to Stimson, please let us know by completing our confidential letter of intent and returning it to us by mail or email. By informing Stimson of your intended gift, you allow us to make important, long-term plans for the future of the organization.

Download Stimson’s planned giving confidential letter of intent here.

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