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News Roundup for May 14, 2019

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THE NATIONAL INTEREST: You Don’t Want To Know How Pakistan Would Fight a Nuclear War [By Kyle Mizokami] – Stimson Center mentioned – May 13


THE CONVERSATION: North Korea is firing missiles again. Does diplomacy still have a chance? – 38 North mentioned – May 13

ADDISON GAZETTE: Will be very, very disappointed, says Trump over North Korea rebuilding rocket site – Joel Wit quoted – May 13

DW NEWS: 鸽派红二代警告:我们当不起美国的头号敌人 – Yun Sun cited – May 13; also; Info 51; Xuehua; New Tang Dynasty Television Online

SECRET CHINA: 美中贸易战引发中共党内分裂又一波动向(图)– Yun Sun cited – May 14

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