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News Roundup for May 13, 2019

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DEFENSE NEWS: Leaving the Arms Trade Treaty Would Be Another Shot in America’s Foot [by Thomas M. Countryman and Rachel Stohl] – May 10

USA TODAY: Trump’s North Korea diplomacy looks troubled. It may not mean war [by Kim Hjelmgaard] – 38 North mentioned – May 10

THE NATIONAL INTEREST: 250,000 Dead in Seoul: What North Korea’s Artillery Could Do in a War [by David Axe] – 38 North article quoted – May 9; Yahoo News; SPi News; Yahoo; Latest Nigerian News; State News Service

VOA NEWS: China, Wary of US, Pushes to Accelerate Accident Prevention Deal in Disputed Sea [by Ralph Jennings] – Yun Sun quoted – May 8; Global Security; Taiwan News Gazette; Vietnam News Wire; Philippines News Gazette; Singapore News Gazette; Malaysian Tribune; Thai News Service

THE JAPAN TIMES: North Korea’s Kim uses ‘long-range strike’ drill to heap pressure on Trump [by Jesse Johnson] – May 10; Times of News; Daily Republic

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: China’s doves urge Beijing to find common ground with Washington [by Jun Mai] – Yun Sun quoted – May 12

ARMS CONTROL WONK: Will India and Pakistan Be Able to Step Back from Nuclear Danger? [by Michael Krepon] – May 12

CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY: 當不起美國頭號敵人 中國鴿派籲求同妥協 – Yun Sun quoted – May 13; also; Yahoo Taiwan News; HiNet

EASTON CALLER: Trump Moves to Withdraw U.S. from U.N. Arms Trade Treaty – Rachel Stohl quoted – May 12

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