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News roundup for March 5

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THE NEW YORK TIMES: The New Age of Nuclear Confrontation Will Not End [by Michael Krepon]  – March 3

C-SPAN: US-Russia Relations – Stimson Center event livestream – March 4

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Defusing a Calibrated Clash, Pakistan Releases Indian Pilot [by Saeed Shah and Bill Spindle] – Michael Krepon quoted –  March 1

CNN: US set to scale back military exercises with South Korea [by Barbara Starr, Jamie Crawford and Nicole Gaouette] – 38 North mentioned – March 1

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: The Mekong is mighty no more: Demise of the great river system lamented in Brian Eyler’s new book [by Tom Fawthrop] – Brian Eyler quoted – March 4

ABC NEWS: What now? After 2nd Trump-Kim summit collapses, the road ahead for the US and North Korea [by Elizabeth McLaughlin] – Robert Gallucci quoted – Feb 28

NEWSDAY: Weaponizing food to harm political enemies [by Johanna Mendelson Forman] – March 5 (Opinion)

VOA NEWS: Trump Looks to Regroup After Disappointing Summit, Cohen Barrage [by Jim Malone] – David Kim quoted – March 1

VOA NEWS: Official: China Planning Series of New Moves to Unify with Resistant Taiwan [by Ralph Jennings] – Yun Sun quoted – March 5

VOA NEWS: US Navy Frequents Taiwan Strait to Send China Message – Yun Sun quoted – March 1

ARMS CONTROL WONK: After new start, what? [by Michael Krepon] – March 4 (opinion)

CHINA MORNING POST: Explained: What next for the North Korea Trump-Kim summit? [by Meaghan Tobin] – David Kim quoted – March 4

BACKGROUND BRIEFING: Background Briefing with Ian Masters [by Ian Masters] – Michael Krepon interviewed – March 4

THE STRAIGHTS TIMES: Trump was right to walk away, say critics [by Charissa Yong] – David Kim quoted – March 2

THE BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS ONLINE: North Korea: What Next? [by Matt Field] – David Kim quoted – March 4

THE BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS: Hot Takes on the Hanoi Summit [by Dawn Stover] – Jenny Town quoted – Feb 28

QUARTZ: Donald Trump is the wrong man to strike a deal with North Korea, a veteran nuclear negotiator says [by Justin Rohrlich] – Joel Wit quoted

EAST ASIA FORUM: Commitment traps make Kashmir de-escalation tricky [by Frank O’Donnell] – March 3

STORM: 川普真懂「走人的藝術」?專家吐槽:不過是場失敗的真人秀,意見不合也只能拂袖而去 – Joel Wit quoted – March 1

THE LAGOS TIMES: Trump walked out on Kim after U.S. demands rejected – David Kim quoted – March 1

YEREPOUNI NEWS: Russia May Deploy Missiles With Range Across Europe if US Puts Such Arms in Area – Stimson Center event mentioned – March 5

VIETNAM +: The Second US-North Korea Summit Lays the Foundation for Progress – David Kim quoted – March 1

NEWS VIRE: Russian ambassador to the US warns arms control is ‘in crisis’ – Stimson Center event mentioned – March 5

THE WIRE: Will India’s Response to Pulwama Deter Large -Scale Terror Attacks? [by Joy Mitra] – March 2

CGTN AMERICA: The World Today – Jenny Town quoted – March 2

CENTRAL CHRONICLE: Russia may deploy missiles with range across Europe if US puts arms in area: Antonov – Stimson Center event mentioned – March 5

THE AGE: ‘Take it seriously’: North Korea Nuclear Threat Looms Over Northern Australia [by Peter Hartcher] – Benjamin Silbertein quoted – March 5

KOREA JOONGANG DAILY: Kim won’t meet with Xi on his way back home: Source [by Shim Kyu-Seok and You Sang-Chul] Joel Wit quoted – March 4

NEWS ON THE GO: Trump’s Ticking Clock on North Korea – Jenny Town quoted – March 1

FOODTANK: 18 Must-attend Events for the Good Food Movement at #SXSW [by Katherine Walla] – Dr. Johanna Forman mentioned – March 1

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