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News roundup for March 15

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VOA NEWS: Beijing Done, for Now, Acquiring Land in South China Sea [by Ralph Jennings] – Yun Sun quoted – March 15

VOA NEWS: North Korean Actions Show Possible Negotiation Tactics [by Steve Miller] – 38 North report quoted – March 15​

MOTHER JONES: Trump Has a New Favorite ‘Slush Fund’ [by Dan Spinelli] – Gordon Adams quoted – March 14

MOTHER JONES: The Pentagon Wants Congress to Vote on the Border Emergency With Blinders On [by Dan Spinelli] – Gordon Adams quoted – March 14

STARS AND STRIPES: North Korea threatens to end nuclear talks, missile-testing moratorium [by Kim Gamel] – 38 North mentioned – March 15

KBS WORLD RADIO: 38 North: No New Activity Since Mar. 8 at Dongchang-ri Missile Site – 38 North mentioned – March 14; also NHK World-Japan


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