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News Roundup for March 11

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POLITICO: National Emergency Outrage? It’s About the Pork, Stupid! [by Gordon Adams] (opinion) – March 8

THE NEW YORK TIMES: News Images of North Korea Buildup Confront Trump’s Hopes for Disarmament [by David E. Sanger and William J. Board] – Jenny Town quoted – March 9

BLOOMBERG: Kim Jong Un Seen Losing More Than Gaining If He Tests Missile [by Youkyung Lee] – Jenny Town cited – March 11

REUTERS: Trump says he would be disappointed if North Korea resumed testing [by Roberta Rampton and Favid Brunnstrom] – Joel Wit quoted – March 8

ARMS CONTROL WONK: The Russell-Einstein Manifesto [by Michael Krepon] (opinion) – March 11

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE: On N. Korea, Trump clings to ‘all or nothing’ strategy [by Francesco Fontemaggi] – Jenny Town quoted – March 8

NEWSDAY: Data show U.S. effort on border, trade and N. Korea all sputtering [By Dan Janison] – Stimson Center mentioned –  March 10

NK NEWS: Works continue at Sohae Satellite Launch Facility, satellite imagery shows [by Chad O’Carroll] – 38 North mentioned – March 11

CHINA DAILY: Bright spots on road to denuclearization [by Zhao Huanxin] – Stimson event mentioned – March 8

APOLLO NEWS: 中共一旦示弱會全線失守 公開支持華為告美國政府 大打朝鮮牌 目標是停火– Stimson Center mentioned – March 9

EPOCH TIMES: 美中一冷一热 贸易协定上川普或提前走人?– Stimson Center mentioned – March 10

DEFENSE NEWS: House Democrats demand Shanahan explain border wall funding scheme [by Joe Gould] – Gordon Adams quoted – March 2

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Evidence mounts that Kim welched on Trump deal [by David E. Sanger and William J. Broad] – 38 North mentioned – March 10

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