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News Roundup for June 10, 2019

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Arms Control Wonk: HENRY KISSINGER’S MIXED RECORD ON NUCLEAR ARMS CONTROL – article by Michael Krepon – June 10

National Interest: Activity Continues at Uranium-Enrichment Plant at North Korea’s Yongbyon Facility – 38 North, Jenny Town on North Korean facility activity – June 7

Voice of America: China Will Treat US Drones as Move to Dent its Contested Maritime Claims – Yun Sun quoted – June 10

Burmese Voice of America: Tiananmen event is a new generation of Chinese youth သိကြရဲ့လား – Yun Sun quoted on Chinese government response regarding Tiananmen Square anniversary – June 10

South China Morning Post: Is China and Russia’s ‘marriage of convenience’ Donald Trump’s worst strategic blunder? – Yun Sun quoted on China seeking allies, relationship with US – June 8

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