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News Roundup for January 17, 2019

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FORBES: Exiting Quagmires In Afghanistan And Syria: Consensus Is Broken And Not Fixable [by Michael Krepon] – Jan 16

THE WASHINGTON POST: Confusion over North Korea definition of denuclearization clouds talks [by Simon Denyer] – Robert Carlin and Joel Wit quoted – Jan 16

THE HILL: Overnight Defense: Four Americans killed in Syria suicide attack| State of the Union becomes latest shutdown flashpoint| Missile defense review on track for Thursday release [by Rebecca Kheel] – Stimson Center (India and Nuclear Asia event) mentioned – Jan 16 

DAILY PRESS: Here’s a secret: We may be winning the war on terrorism [by Doyle McManus] – Stimson Center mentioned – Jan 16; also, San Diego Union-Tribune Online

AL-MONITOR: Pentagon warns Middle East turning to China for drone needs [by Jack Detsch] – Shannon Dick quoted – Jan 16

AIR FORCE TIMES: War game: If China or Russia downed an ISR aircraft, how would the US really respond? [by Kyle Rempfer] – Yun Sun quoted – Jan 17


CHINA DIALOGUE: It’s decision time for Southeast Asia as power demand soars [by Courtney Weatherby] – Jan 14

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