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News Roundup for February 27, 2019

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CNBC: As Trump and Kim meet, one of Beijing’s chief concerns is the US-South Korea alliance [by Huileng Tan] – Yun Sun Interviewed – Feb 27

VOX: At the Vietnam summit, Trump has a chance to prove everyone wrong on North Korea [by Alex Ward] – David Kim quoted – Feb 26​

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Trump touts prosperity, but is that what North Korea wants? [Eric Talmadge] – Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein quoted – Feb 27

THE WASHINGTON POST: It’s certainly unconventional. But is it working? Trump’s North Korea strategy wins over some experts – [by Simon Denyer] – Joel Wit quoted – Feb 26​

NPR: Pakistan says it shot down Indian jets [by David Greene] – Sameer Lalwani interviewed – Feb 27

FINANCIAL TIMES: Trump-Kim bromance prepares for its next date [by Demetri Sevastopulo] – David Kim quoted – Feb 26

THE JAPAN TIMES: Seoul says U.S. and North Korea could reach deal on end-of-war declaration [by Jesse Johnson] – David Kim quoted – Feb 26

THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Madeleine Albright apologizes for mocking Romney over Russia threat [by Daniel Jativa] – Just Security 20/20 mentioned – Feb 26

WORLD POLITICS REVIEW: What North Korea Wants From the Trump-Kim Summit [by Elliot Waldman] – David Kim quoted – Feb 25

THE NATIONAL INTEREST: Forget North Korea: Pakistan Nuclear Weapons Programs are Truly Terrifying [by Kyle Mizokami] – Stimson Center mentioned – Feb 26

NK NEWS: Kim Yong Un, Donald Trump meet for high-stakes second summit in Hanoi [by Oliver Hotham] – David Kim quoted – Feb 27

QUARTZ: The second Trump-Kim summit is another capitalism field trip for Kim Jong Un [by Mary hui] – Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein quoted – Feb 26

THE INDEPENDENT: Trump-Kim summit: What would be ‘a win-win’ for leaders [by Andrew Buncombe] – Yun Sun quoted – Feb 26

MOTHER JONES: Trump Bypassed Lawmakers to Build His Wall. Here’s How They’re Fighting Back [by Dan Spinelli] – Gordon Adams quoted – Feb 26

THE KOREA TIMES: North Korea’s denuclearization will outlive the Trump administration [by Jung Da-min] – David Kim quoted – Feb 25

MIRROR MEDIA: 不願讓這畫面再出現 金正恩寧可搭3天火車到越南 – Yun Sun quoted – Feb 27

NPR: On Eve of 2nd Trump-Kim Summit, is North Korean Reactor Producing Plutonium [by Geoff Brumfiel] – Feb 25

WAR ON THE ROCKS: How not to compete in the Arctic: the blurry lines between friend and foe [by Stephanie Pezard] – Stimson Center mentioned – Feb 27

JORNAL TIJUCAS: Disarmament and sanctions are crucial themes in Trump-Kim summit – Jenny Town quoted – Feb 27

SALON: Donald Trump in North Korea: How does he avoid looking like Kim Jong-un’s fool? [by Matthew Rozsa] – Jenny Town quoted – Feb 26

NHAN DAN: Countries hopeful about DPRK-US Summit in Hanoi – Richard Cronin quoted – Feb 26

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