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News roundup for April 11

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AUSTRIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: Vienna Cyber Security Week – Kathryn Rauhut interviewed – April 8

THE KOREA TIMES: Negative signs seen for nuclear talks [by Jung Da-min] – David Kim quoted – April 11


ORF ONLINE: Understanding China’s response to ethnic conflicts in Myanmar [by K. Yhome] – Yun Sun quoted – April 2019

RADIO FREE ASIA: International Task Force: Experts Warn of Impact of Dams on the Mekong (Part 1) – Brian Eyler interviewed – March 30

RADIO FREE ASIA KHMER: សម្ភាសអ្នកជំនាញវិស័យសន្តិសុខថាមពល ទឹក និងស្បៀង តំបន់ទន្លេមេគង្គ – Part 1; Part 2 – Brian Eyler interviewed

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