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China’s Emerging Role in Conflict Mediation

By Hannah Haegeland  ·  Jason Li  ·  Yun Sun
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Stimson’s China program is conducting an ongoing research and dialogue project that examines China’s emerging role in conflict mediation globally. The project explores China’s foray into conflict mediation during a period of evolution in China’s multidimensional role on the international stage and engages critical Chinese actors on potential cooperation in conflict mediation in Myanmar, Afghanistan/Pakistan, India/Pakistan, the Korean peninsula, Africa, and the Middle East.

Included in the project’s first compilation of works are (in both English and Chinese): thorough analysis of how great powers engage in mediation, commentary on how China’s policies fit within its decades-old non-interference policy, an investigation into Beijing’s mediatory role between India and Pakistan, and detailed best practices for military ceasefire monitoring.

Great Power Mediation: Opportunities and Challenges for China 
By Kenneth Schultz and Jason Li
中文版:大国调解:中国的机遇与挑战 (in Chinese)



Conflict Mediation with Chinese Characteristics: How China Justifies Its Non-Interference Policy as an Arbitrator
By Jason Li
中文版: 具有中国特色的冲调突调解:中国如何合理化其不干涉政策 (in Chinese)


Chinese Mediation on the Subcontinent?
By Hannah Haegeland
中文版: 南亚次大陆的中国调解?(in Chinese)​



From the Battlefield to Political Dialogue: The Role of the Military and Armed Groups in Peace Processes in Northern Myanmar
By Jan Erik Wilhelmsen
中文版: 从战场到政治对话:军队和武装团体在北缅甸和平进程中的作用 (in Chinese)


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