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Stimson’s “Military Budgets in India and Pakistan: Trajectories, Priorities, and Risks” report cited in Echo of India

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As Pakistan is slowly getting isolated in the international arena because of her unconcealed promotion of terrorism as a State policy to prevent the growing economic and military strength and political prestige of India, Pakistan’s military rulers – it is they and not the elected civil government that wield real power – are getting desperate. Except China and to some extent Russia, Islamabad finds no country is prepared or willing to support it against India. According to a report prepared by the US think tank Stimson Centre titled “Military Budgets in India and Pakistan: Trajectories, Priorities and Risks” US aid accounted for 21 per cent of Pakistan’s defence spending in the decade 2005-15.

This largesse by Washington enabled Pakistan to “maintain high levels of military spending while easing the burden on its federal budget and overall economy.” But, notes the report, the US has “begun to gradually downgrade its assistance to Pakistan in the near to medium terms.” On the other hand, the report says, India is now the world’s largest arms importer. India “accounted for 14 per cent of global arms imports from 2011 to 2015, a ninety per cent increase over the five years.” This explains the Pak military’s desperation. But desperation will bring it nowhere near India. This is a plain fact that the country’s generals are unable to reconcile themselves to.

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