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Alan Romberg quoted in CNN on Trump’s call with Taiwan’s president

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It’s weeks before the United States’ next president takes office, but already Donald Trump is raising eyebrows among China-watchers after his phone call with Taiwan’s president.

China views Taiwan as a renegade province and since 1979 the US has acknowledged Beijing’s claim that Taiwan is part of China, with US-China relations governed by a set of protocols known as the One China Policy.


Alan Romberg, China expert at the Stimson Center, said that Beijing — at a minimum — would want to strongly reiterate the importance of the US adhering to the One China policy.

“They will also want to be sure that it is not a harbinger of a real change in the policy,” Romberg told CNN. But he said he did not think the call would cause a crisis in the US-China relationship.

“At this point Xi Jinping has indicated that he wants a good relationship with the US under President Trump,” he said. “Beijing will want to make sure that he acquires the necessary knowledge about this issue.”

Read the full article here.

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