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Op-Ed: Libyan parliament meets to confirm prime minister and government

Tripoli – The Libyan parliament met in a palace under heavy guard east of Tripoli where it approved a cabinet and the election of Islamist-backed businessman Ahmed Maiteg as prime minister.

Mohammed Samud one of the lawmakers present said that 83 of 93 of those present voted for Maiteg. General Khalifa Hifter who attacked two Islamist bases in Benghazi and whose allies attacked and burned the parliament buildings claims that the parliament has lost its legitimacy. He had warned the legislators against convening on Sunday.


Hifter also has called his actions a war on terrorism. While the US has
said they do not support or condone the actions of Hifter they have not
condemned them either. In fact the US Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones
has said that Hifter’s actions were against terrorism not Islamists. See her speech at
the Stimson Center. She also has second thoughts about elections in
spite of all the applause and gloating about the defeat of Islamists at
the time. Now Jones suggests that it may have been premature to have

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