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Stimson Center is cited in Gatestone Institute research on US nuclear deterrence capability

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“Come Get Us”

In the latest proposed defense budget, a preview of which had been
discussed a day earlier by DOD leaders at the Pentagon, on February 26,
2014, Doyle McManus of the LA Times took Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to task for not slashing the funding for the US nuclear deterrent.

McManus concluded that US nuclear deterrent forces can be
dramatically curtailed through a series of sleight-of-hand moves mixed
in with a mash of disarmament happy talk, including cooking the books on
the relevant nuclear numbers based almost entirely on a 2012 report by
an organization known as “Global Zero.”


Many arms control groups support the Triad as well. The Federation of
Americans Scientists, the Stimson Center and the Arms Control
Association, for example, all support the continued deployment of a
strategic nuclear Triad including bombers, submarines and land-based
missiles although at lower warhead levels than those allowed by the 2010
New Start Treaty.

To read the full story, click here.


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