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Stimson Center cited in First Post on soured Indo-US ties

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Now in the news for being investigated by the FBI for possible espionage, ex-American diplomat Robin Raphel came into sharp focus for the first time in October 1993. This was after a “background briefing” for journalists from South Asia in which she triggered a diplomatic explosion by rejecting India’s Instrument of Accession and the nation’s claim to Kashmir by virtue of this instrument.


This was the period when terrorism was at its peak in India. In the US, Kashmir was no top of the agenda for Indian and Pakistani diplomats. There was a virtual tug-of-war between both nations to get the US to make a favourable statement. The Kashmir tangle was the top subject of analysis for think-tanks like the Stimson Center, and Indian journalists were also engaged in press meets called by Kashmiri separatists, Khalistanis and Panun Kashmir representatives, apart from covering official briefings and fresh developments.

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