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Michael Krepon’s column for Arms Control Wonk on looming foreign policy crises

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The Republican Party in the United States has adopted
positions on social issues and the environment that are at odds with those of
the majority of the voting public. Their signature opposition to “Obamacare” is
losing ground. Both parties gerrymander and receive large sums from major
donors, but Republican legislators benefit more from laws reaffirmed or struck
down by a one-vote margin on the Supreme Court. Gerrymandered Congressional
districts drawn up by gerrymandered state legislatures have tipped the scales
toward the Grand Old Party in the House of Representatives. Republican
legislators are betting that they do not have to make deals with the Obama
administration to retain control of the House and perhaps win the Senate in
November. They cannot win the presidency on domestic issues, but the Obama
administration is one damaging foreign policy and national security crisis away
from handing the keys to the White House over to the Republican Party in 2016.

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