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Michael Krepon is cited in OpEdNews on competitive nuclear armament in South Asia

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Nuclear Capability and National Security

Nuclear weapons, since their induction into arsenals, have
generated many concepts. In contemporary scenario, the rationales share these
concepts in analyzing the nuclear competition in South Asia. There are many
questions regarding Pakistan’s national security together with nuclear
capability. Why does Pakistan tend to maintain nuclear arsenal? Is India an
existential threat to Pakistan? How can Pakistan’s conventional weaponry
guarantee national security? Would India out-compete Pakistan? Is Pakistan’s internal
writ shrinking? These questions are directly or indirectly linked to the
Pakistan’s nukes.


Similarly, Pakistan according to civilian and military
leadership is still sensitive regarding the developments being made in India.
It is true that the region is reported to be destabilized whenever the balance
of power is disturbed. Michael Krepon is of the view that India competes with
China and will compete it regardless of what Pakistan does. [ii] Now, if India asserts to compete with
Beijing, ultimately it would enlarge its military power given the approach of
offensive realism.

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