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Michael Krepon is cited in The Nation on nuclear doctrine and strategy in South Asia

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Dangerous trends in nuclear South Asia

Negotiations between militants and Pakistan’s government which launched
in February have reached a critical impasse. Both sides are hoping that
the other will be the one to break the fragile truce.

If peace is
ultimately achieved, which appears implausible, it would be a positive
sign for the Pakistani state, which is engulfed in troubles from all
other sides. While the nation anxiously waits for peace from these
unpredictable negotiations, there are other signs of trouble on the
horizon. Pakistan’s relations with Iran have deteriorated while its
eastern and western neighbors are entering a critical phase of electing
new governments.


Menon’s logic is simple; the destruction of several Pakistani cities
after a massive Indian nuclear retaliatory strike in response to a low
yield Pakistani nuclear warhead, thus destroying few dozen tanks, is not
justifiable. The same logic has been articulated by Michael Krepon in
an article on the Arms Control Wonk – that nuclear doctrines are
conceived in vacuity and might appear absurd in actual scenarios.
War indeed is an ugly reality. It is even more dangerous once the opposing sides are armed with nuclear weapons.

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