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Gordon Adams is quoted in Defense News on how the US is handling the cyberwarfare threat

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Cyberwarfare is the most serious threat facing the United States,
according to almost half of US national security leaders who responded
to the inaugural Defense News Leadership Poll, underwritten by United

But while the leaders in national security policy,
the military, congressional staffs and the defense industry are united
in the seriousness of the cyber threat, agreement on the next greatest
threat breaks down clearly along party lines. Terrorism is viewed as the
next greatest threat by leaders who identified themselves as
Republicans, while climate change was cited by those identifying as


Still, when asked how the Snowden disclosures have affected the
debate on surveillance, almost half – 47.2 percent – of all respondents
said the disclosures have helped the debate.

Divided along party
lines, the numbers become quite different. A majority of Democrats and
independents, 68.8 percent and 58.2 percent respectively, said the
disclosures helped debate. Yet 57.7 percent of Republicans said the
disclosures hurt the debate, showing again few signs of tea party

“In a community where cyber is seen as the biggest
threat, what Snowden did was helping debate? That’s fascinating,” said
Gordon Adams, a fellow at the Stimson Center who ran national defense
budgeting for the Clinton administration. “It reinforces my sense that I
don’t think [Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.] or [Sen. Dianne Feinstein,
D-Calif.] are getting traction on this issue. Right now, it’s not
winning, because whatever one thinks about Edward Snowden, his media
strategy is incredibly brilliant. The drip-drip-drip is working.”

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