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Alan Romberg quoted in Want China Times on US views on Taiwan’s democracy

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The secretary-general of Taiwan’s main opposition Democratic
Progressive Party, Joseph Wu, recently said in Washington that the Nov.
29 local elections in Taiwan were not a referendum on the Ma Ying-jeou
administration’s policies related to China. However, many politicians,
academics and the media in the United States have stated that it is,
given the setbacks that the ruling Kuomintang has faced in this regard
over the past year.


The DPP won 13 of the 22 counties and cities in the Nov. 29
elections, and the victory has increased the prospects of party
chairperson Tsai Ing-wen in the 2016 presidential race.


However, Richard Bush, director of the Center for East Asia Policy
Studies of the Brookings Institution, and the East Asia program director
of Stimson Center, Alan Romberg, both stated that the US will not
remain silent if it expects the election results to affect its

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