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Stimson Chairman Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr. is interviewed in The Fletcher Forum of Current Affairs

in Program

In a conversation with The Fletcher Forum, Ambassador Bloomfield
discusses the role of institutions and diplomacy in an increasingly
globalized world and comments on a range of issues from national
security policy to the ongoing crisis in Syria to climate change. He
also offers savvy advice for aspiring world leaders pursuing
international careers.

FLETCHER FORUM: The Stimson Center, for which you serve as Chairman, was
awarded a 2013 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.
In your view, how has The Center so successfully cut across political
party lines to craft recommendations that are actionable and effective?
And more generally, what unique role should think tanks and similar
institutions play in forging solutions for the global challenges we

BLOOMFIELD: I am happy to boast about Stimson’s work, once it
is clear that all credit goes to Stimson President and CEO Ellen
Laipson, her staff, and the analytical team that earned the MacArthur
Award. I see three principal reasons for Stimson’s effectiveness and, in
some cases, its differences from other think tanks: first, an absence
of ideological predisposition-neither partisan nor bipartisan, Stimson
is non-partisan; second, a readiness to embrace challenging security
issues without knowing what types of conclusions or recommendations
might result from our inquiry; and third, a policy of independence from
any influence by our funders, strictly enforced by our Board. Beyond
these enduring traits, Stimson tries to pursue issues of trans-national
significance where our analytical strengths and our ability to convene
parties often with widely differing interests promise unique and
impactful policy contributions.

To read the full interview, click here.


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