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Russell Rumbaugh interviewed on Federal News Radio on how sequestration affects the defense budget

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Federal News Radio’s “In Depth” program hosted Russell Rumbaugh, who spoke on the pending cuts the Pentagon faces with sequestration in effect. From the show’s blog:

Under sequestration, DoD will have to cut its previously planned
spending by more than $500 billion over the next ten years. The approach
is painful, across the board and haphazard – military leaders have
warned it will cause a crisis in readiness. But there’s no shortage of
ideas on how to trim defense spending without drastically harming
military capability. Washington is awash in the cost-cutting
recommendations of boards and commissions, most of which have gone
ignored by Congress. And a new review
of those ideas by the Stimson Center says altogether, they could save
about a trillion dollars if they were implemented. Russell Rumbaugh the
director of Stimson’s budgeting for foreign affairs program and a
coauthor of that new report, joins In Depth with his take on DoD cost

To hear the full interview, click here.


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