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Mona Yacoubian is quoted in the New York Times on unrest in Arab countries

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In Libya, armed
militias have filled a void left by a revolution that felled a dictator. In
Syria, a popular uprising has morphed into a civil war that
has left more than 100,000 dead and provided a haven for Islamic extremists. In
Tunisia, increasingly bitter political divisions have delayed the drafting of a
new constitution.

And now in
Egypt, often considered the trendsetter of the Arab world, the army and
security forces, after having toppled the elected Islamist president, have
killed hundreds of his supporters, declared a state of emergency and worsened a
deep polarization.


“I am not
writing these transitions off; I just think we’re heading into a period of
extreme unrest,” said Mona Yacoubian, a senior Middle East adviser at the
Stimson Center, a nonpartisan research group in Washington.

To read the full
story, click here.

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