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Gordon Adams is quoted in Federal News Radio on DoD overhead costs

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defense experts from across the political spectrum are lining up behind a new
call to reduce overhead in the Defense Department’s budget, saying that without
fundamental management changes, internal bureaucratic costs are destined to
crowd out the basic nuts and bolts of running a military in the not-too-distant


is extremely hard stuff to do. But if we don’t do it, doing what we should be
doing, which is thinking about the right size of the force, the right
deployment of the force and the right equipping of the force gets really hard
to do,” said Gordon Adams, a distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center
and a former OMB official. “What we’re finding is that if we continue on
the track that we’re on, the funding available for forces and for procurement
essentially dry up by the end of this decade. You will have nothing left unless
you grapple with these issues.”

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story, click here.

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