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Geneive Abdo is quoted in Voice of America on information access in Iran

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less than two weeks until Iranians head to the polls, access to news and
opinion has become an issue for voters, especially those hoping to go online.


Abdo at the Washington-based Stimson Center said don’t expect that to change.

“The Green movement has been crushed for the most part and people just don’t
have that much of an appetite for protesting anymore,” Abdo stated.

Abdo said the reason is an aggressive regime as good as any in the world at
cracking down on messengers it does not like.

“They started very sophisticated technology to filter the Internet, to
intercept emails, this sort of thing. That’s how they arrested a lot of
people,” explained Abdo. “Because they could identify them very
easily. But in recent weeks, the Internet in Iran has become so slow one
newspaper lamented “The Internet is in a coma.”

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