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USA Today exclusive on BFAD Pentagon as Pitchman report

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USA Today was granted an exclusive to cover the release of Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense’s latest report, The Pentagon as Pitchman: Perception and Reality of Public Diplomacy. USA Today’s Tom Vanden Brook uses the report to uncover the Department of Defense’s Special Operations Command’s role in US foreign policy abroad.

“The military’s Special Operations Command has become an emerging player
in the Pentagon’s propaganda efforts to confront violent extremists
around the world, according to documents and a new report from a
non-partisan think tank….[Rumbaugh says,] ‘By centralizing them, SOCOM seems to be playing a bigger role than
before. Our analysis found where more traditional parts of (the
Department of Defense) have shied away from this mission, SOCOM has been
willing to embrace it. The truth is SOCOM as such a big player in
foreign policy is new, and we really don’t know what all the
implications of that are.'”

To read the full article, click here.


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