Pub Launch – New Nuclear Agenda: Prospects for US-Japan Cooperation

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The accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power
Station demonstrated quite dramatically the national security risk that civil
nuclear power stations can present, and has led to reflections in many
countries around the world about the long-term prospects for investments in
nuclear energy, and weighing the environmental, economic and safety factors
alongside the energy benefits.  The New
Nuclear Agenda: Prospects for US-Japan Cooperation, edited by Yuki Tatsumi
(Stimson’s Senior Associate) explores the complex and multi-faceted nuclear
agenda, considering the range of security issues from nuclear energy and
technology to proliferation, and considers how it could become a promising new
priority for US-Japan cooperation.

Introduction by Ellen Laipson, President and CEO, Stimson Center

Discussion  with Brian Finlay, Stimson Center; Jane Nakano, CSIS; Heigo Sato, Takusyoku University

Moderated by Yuki Tatsumi, Stimson Center

To access the publication, click here.

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