Books & Reports

February 12, 2015
Reducing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in UN Peacekeeping: Ten Years After the Zeid Report

January 26, 2015
Reconciling Security Sector Reform and the Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping Contexts

November 17, 2014
“Will They Protect Us for the Next 10 Years?” Challenges Faced by UN Peacekeeping Mission

September 25, 2014
Perceptions of Security Among Internally Displaced Persons in Juba, South Sudan

October 22, 2012
UN Police, Justice and Corrections Programming: Summarizing Recent Practice

July 03, 2012
Understanding Impact of Police, Justice and Corrections Components in UN Peace Operations

October 25, 2011
Addressing the Doctrinal Deficit

October 01, 2010
Challenges of Strengthening the Protection of Civilians in Multidimensional Peace Operations

September 27, 2010
Enhancing United Nations Capacity to Support Post-Conflict Policing and Rule of Law

September 17, 2010
UN Panels of Experts and UN Peace Operations

April 01, 2010
Post-Conflict Borders and UN Peace Operations

December 01, 2009
National Security Policies and Strategies: A Note on Current Practice

December 01, 2009
Security Sector Reform Best Practices and Lessons Learned

December 01, 2009
Threat Assessments and Reviews: A Note on Current Practice

December 01, 2009
SSR in Stabilization Environments: A Note on Current Practice

December 01, 2009
Defense Sector Reform: A Note on Current Practice

November 17, 2009
Protecting Civilians in the Context of UN Peacekeeping Operations

June 27, 2009
Improving Criminal Accountability in United Nations Peace Operations

January 01, 2009
Targeting Spoilers: The Role of United Nations Panels of Experts

September 09, 2008
Peacekeeping Dues and Don’ts: A Checklist for the Next President

July 01, 2008
Transnational Trends: Middle Eastern and Asian Views

May 29, 2008
Halting Widespread or Systematic Attacks Against Civilians

February 01, 2008
African Civilian Police Capacity for International Peacekeeping Operations

March 01, 2007
Mapping and Fighting Corruption in War-Torn States

December 01, 2006
Twenty-First-Century Peace Operations

September 01, 2006
Who Should Keep The Peace?

September 01, 2006
The Impossible Mandate?

March 01, 2006
On Trial: The US Military and the International Criminal Court

March 01, 2006
Economic Impact of Peacekeeping

June 01, 2005
United Nations Mechanisms for Combating Illegal Trade in Regions of Conflict

February 01, 2005
US Support to African Capacity for Peace Operations: The ACOTA Program

February 01, 2005
African Capacity-Building for Peace Operations: UN Collaboration with the African Union and ECOWAS

March 01, 2004
European Capacities for Peace Operations: Taking Stock

December 01, 2003
The Brahimi Report and the Future of UN Peace Operations

June 01, 2002
Views on Security in Afghanistan: Selected Quotes and Statements by U.S. and International Leaders

June 01, 2002
Security in Afghanistan: The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

June 01, 2002
Rebuilding Afghanistan: The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

April 01, 2002
Following the Money

November 01, 1996
UN Peacekeeping, American Policy, and the Uncivil Wars of the 1990s

July 01, 1994
Training for Peacekeeping: The United Nations’ Role

February 01, 1994
Peacekeeping and the US National Interest

February 01, 1993
The Evolution of UN Peacekeeping: Case Studies and Comparative Analysis

March 01, 1992
Keeping the Peace: The United Nations in the Emerging World Order