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August 08, 2014
US national security institutions: Pragmatic solutions require knowing how things work

By Russell Rumbaugh: 

In 25 years of providing pragmatic solutions, it is not surprising Stimson has always had an eye on the processes and institutions that would have to implement

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December 06, 2013 / By Gordon Adams
Is the Sky Really Falling?

By Gordon Adams - Let's get this straight: the Defense Department and the defense industry survived the sequester. But you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise, given a year of dire

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May 13, 2013 / By Matthew Leatherman
Managing the Military More Efficiently: Potential Savings Separate from Strategy

In an effort to help policymakers determine how to reduce the Defense Department budget without cutting essential combat capabilities, a Stimson Center report issued today compiles

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June 05, 2012 / By Nathan Cohn
Resolving Ambiguity: Costing Nuclear Weapons

As the defense budget comes under increasing pressure, many have suggested nuclear weapons as an area for savings. But estimates of what the United States spends on nuclear weapons

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February 13, 2012
The Reality of the Defense Builddown

The President released the FY13 defense budget request today, and the total amount is $5B less than the FY12 appropriated levels. We are certainly into the defense builddown. But we

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