Report Release: Diplomacy in a Time of Scarcity

DateThursday, October 25


"Diplomacy in a Time of Scarcity"



Ambassador Thomas Pickering
Chair of the Advisory Group
Ambassador Tom Boyatt
Project Chairman
Ellen Laipson
President, Stimson
Ambassador Ronald Neumann
President, American Academy of Diplomacy
Russell Rumbaugh
Project Director


Diplomacy in a Time of Scarcity Launch from Stimson Center on Vimeo.

Today's fiscal crisis threatens to plummet US diplomacy and development back into crisis with ill-timed budget cuts. 
In response to a brewing crisis in diplomatic readiness four years ago, the American Academy of Diplomacy and Stimson released a report, "A Foreign Affairs Budget for the Future," which provided an analytical basis for how many and what kinds of foreign policy personnel the United States needed.
Many of the report's goals were accomplished in the following years through the State Department's Diplomacy 3.0 initiative-but not all.  And in that time the United States' fiscal situation fundamentally changed, even as the world and the US's strategic situation also continued changing. 
The new report, released by The American Academy of Diplomacy, the Una Chapman Cox Foundation and Stimson, reviews what has happened in the last few years, and relooks at where we stand in having the right number and kind of foreign policy personnel.  It directly confronts the new crisis of declining resources facing our foreign policy personnel, and takes a hard look at the available options.
To publicly release the report, its leaders provided a panel discussion of the report's research, conclusions, and recommendations followed by a question and answer session. 


 Supported by the Una Chapman Cox Foundation