Publication Launch - Across the Taiwan Strait: From Confrontation to Cooperation, 2006–2012

DateMonday, November 19


Across the Taiwan Strait:
From Confrontation to Cooperation, 2006-2012

 Alan D. Romberg
Distinguished Fellow and Director of the East Asia Program
Moderated by
 Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield, Jr.
Chairman of the Board

Across the Taiwan Strait from Stimson Center on Vimeo.

Stimson celebrated the publication of a three-volume set of Alan Romberg's writings on cross-Strait relations over the past six years.  Originally published on-line by the Hoover Institution, these volumes provide a thorough history and unique insights into one of the world's strategic hotspots, now evolving into a less tense zone of cooperation.  When Alan began this series, relations across the Strait were heavily strained as Beijing saw Taiwan's president, Chen Shui-bian, promoting a policy of separate status bordering on de jure independence.  While never wavering in its support for Taiwan's security and prosperity, the US became concerned about Taipei's willingness to provoke Beijing on this issue and worried about the possibility that the PRC might respond with force.  After Ma Ying-jeou's administration came into office in May 2008, there was a decisive change in the situation.  His adherence to a position of "one China, respective interpretations" opened the door to a series of agreements on everything from trade and travel to law enforcement and customs cooperation. While this has not resolved all cross-Strait issues, it has had a significant impact. These three volumes document the complexities of the Washington-Beijing-Taipei relationships and point to challenges that lie ahead.