The Stimson Center stands apart from others in Washington, delivering pragmatic policy solutions on the major transnational dangers of our day. On conflict, climate, weapons, and beyond, Stimson seeks nonpartisan results that will work in 2016 and in the years to come. The Center’s research and analysis focus on:

  • Reducing nuclear, environmental and other transnational threats to global, regional, and national security.
  • Enhancing policymakers’ and the public’s understanding of the changing global security agenda.
  • Engaging civil society and industry in problem-solving to help fill gaps in existing governance structures.

Stimson develops innovative approaches to cross-border challenges such as water management, environmental crime, and responses to humanitarian crises. At the same time, the Center plays a key role in debates on nuclear proliferation, arms trafficking, defense policy, and on regional hotspots.

Our results speak for themselves. The MacArthur Foundation recognized Stimson with its “institutional genius” Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. As part of the Clinton Global Initiative, Stimson is creating new tools to enhance security in Africa. The Center is ranked as one of the top 25 think tanks in the United States by the Global Go To Think Tank Index at the University of Pennsylvania. We are working to secure peaceful outcomes in an unstable world.

Here are just a few examples of how Stimson is currently bringing together experts and activists to solve problems:

Stimson works with civil society in several conflict zones to strengthen international efforts to prevent violence against civilians. We help governments better protect wildlife and national borders, strengthening security and development, and reducing the threat of terrorism.

International Governance
Stimson is facilitating a more integrated approach to development, peacebuilding, and conflict management at the UN, with attention to private sector and civil society roles. We partner with the UN and member states to implement new treaties on arms and security, and to illuminate issues of security and justice.

Middle East and Asia
Stimson experts offer analysis and innovative policy ideas — based on field work and contact with a wide range of non-state actors — to prevent and mitigate sectarian and regional conflicts in these strategic zones.

River Basin and Water Management Issues
Stimson works in the Mekong, Indus, and beyond to facilitate better information sharing and develop smarter approaches to hydropower development. We bring together environmental groups, regional institutions, and governments.

South Asia

The Stimson Center's South Asia programming has four key elements:reducing nuclear dangers and increasing deterrence stability on the subcontinent; analyzing crisis management in the United States, India and Pakistan; promoting confidence-building and nuclear risk-reduction measures; and nurturing talent in a rising generation of strategic analysts.

US National Security
Stimson works across the policy community to smartly shape national security spending and policies on new technologies, such as drones.