From climate change to terrorism, from technological innovation to trafficking, the world faces an extraordinary array of borderless threats — and unprecedented opportunities. The Stimson Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan “impact” tank devoted to addressing transnational challenges by identifying opportunities that enhance global security and economic prosperity. From the halls of Congress and the United Nations to the corporate boardroom, Stimson’s experts do more than develop innovative solutions — we transform ideas into pragmatic action addressing the most complex global challenges of our time.

For over a quarter century, Stimson’s experts have analyzed global threats and worked with governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, and private industry to build collaborative solutions that transcend national boundaries: geographic, bureaucratic, and political. Our success has earned Stimson recognition as a leading global think tank.

Our expertise stretches across a wide range of institutional, issue, and regional areas, including:

• Managing complex environmental and political energy challenges in Southeast Asia
• Protecting civilians in conflict-torn regions
• Developing market-based approaches that strengthen nuclear security
• Identifying avenues for cooperation in India and Pakistan to promote regional security
• Shedding light on the changing political and security dynamics of East Asia
• Examining opportunity and instability caused by shifting demographics
• Leveraging technology to address cyber threats, food insecurity, water scarcity, and the global scourge of disease
• Contributing to the implementation of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
• Combating natural resource crime — including illegal fishing, logging, and mining
• Promoting effective policies that mitigate the consequences of illegal or irresponsible weapons transfers

Join us in solving the grand transnational challenges of our time.

Awards & Recognition

MacArthur Foundation: Creative & Effective Institution Award Winner
Transparify:  5-Star Transparency Rating
Foreign Policy: Most Women in Policy Leadership Positions of Any Leading Think Tank
University of Pennsylvania: Ranked Top 25 U.S. Think Tank