Middle East Internship

The Middle East program offers a great opportunity to work on the most important issues influencing the stability and the politics of the Middle East, with particular focus on Iran, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula.  Our work examines security in all its dimensions, from strategic issues in the region and beyond, to managing security at the national level and also considers human security issues that have important implications for political stability.  We examine US policies in the region, the policies of the states in the area, the views of non-state and other outside actors, including the rising Asian powers.

We are looking for motivated candidates with a demonstrated interest in the region. Relevant academic work and/or professional experience will stand out during our review process, but applicants with a proven interest in the region are encouraged to apply.

Past interns have worked on projects ranging from security sector reform in the Gulf to producing a book about US-Iraq relations. Some have had the opportunity to contribute writing to our reports and have authored analyses featured on our website.

Responsibilities for an intern with the Middle East/Southwest Asia project include:

  • Reading and summarizing relevant news on a daily basis
  • Reading and summarizing literature (books, journals) relevant to ongoing research projects
  • Performing background research for ongoing research projects
  • Organizing, attending and taking notes in meetings
  • Supporting the organization of workshops and other large events
  • Project coordination

Generally, strong candidates for this position will have the following qualifications:

  • Strong interest in the Middle East in general, and the Gulf region in particular
  • Solid research, analytical and writing skills
  • Full-time and part-time candidates
  • MA candidates preferred, but BA candidates with demonstrated interest in the Middle East strongly encouraged
  • Language skills (Arabic or Farsi) a plus

• Please include a list of relevant academic research papers and other publications you have authored

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